Regain your younger, whiter smile with professional tooth whitening services in North Brisbane.


If you can’t have that brighter, whiter smile due to discoloured teeth, you might have to consult the best tooth whitening North Brisbane. Teeth usually get stained and discoloured due to natural aging and lifestyles such as smoking and excessive use of soft drinks, red wine, tea and coffee. If you’re living in Queensland, Australia and have stained or discoloured teeth, you don’t have to worry anymore because you can have a dentist whitening procedure that can make your teeth dramatically whiter.

It’s only proven experts who have many years of experience in dentistry that can make you have confidence in tooth whitening. You need also to understand the many tooth whitening options available in the market in order to make the right choice. This is facilitated by discussing with your dentist the various tooth whitening and treatment processes.

Most tooth whitening processes rely on hydrogen peroxide. When hydrogen peroxide is used on your teeth, it releases bleaching factors such as oxygen ions, molecular oxygen and free radicals. Some of these bleaching factors cause oxygenation process, which physically removes shallow stain molecules from your teeth. The deeper and long chain stain molecules are removed by free radicals through a conversion process.

The success of tooth whitening procedure is determined by the permeability of tooth structure. It’s easy to whiten teeth with a microstructure that can allow bleaching factors to freely access the teeth to remove stain and convert dark molecules to colourless molecules. The ability of your teeth microstructure to block bleaching factors strengthens as you age. It’s therefore easier for dentists to carry out tooth whitening procedure on teenagers than adults.

Teeth whitening procedure can be performed in one appointment. It’s a safe and effective procedure that enables you to regain your younger, whiter smile. It’s advisable to visit a reputable dental clinic that offers professional teeth whitening services in Queensland, Australia any time you want to whiten your teeth.

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