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If you are suffering from herpes outbreaks, I found a site recently that has some really helpful information on it found here http://herpesreliefnow.net/

In case you aren’t aware, a lot of what you eat can affect whether or not you have an outbreak. There’s a list on the site of what to eat and not to eat, but I’ll give you some info here. Nuts for example, while generally healthy for you contain a high amount of Arginine. This is an amino acids, which unfortunately for herpes sufferers, makes the virus multiply. Since you definitely don’t want that, you should be careful not to eat many, especially peanuts.

What you want is to eat foods high in L-lysine, another amino acid. This has the opposite effect, and can help reduce the amount of Arginine in your system. Most healthy foods are high in L-lysine, ie: fish, chicken, most fruits and vegetables and beans.

You can also take Lysine supplements to help you keep your Lysine count high enough to reduce symptoms.

If you do suffer from outbreaks, some DMSO cream would help a lot with the itching and discomfort of herpes. It also helps to shield and kill the virus. If you buy the rose scented one, it smells good, but just a little as opposed to the gel one which stinks. So check out the page on the site about the best places to buy it for the best prices. You will save money.

There is also some good info on stress reduction and building up your immune system, which will help reduce outbreaks.

All in all it’s really a gem of a site for people who suffer from herpes. I’m glad I found it. Hope it helps you.

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