Can you really lose weight without starving yourself?


The answer is “YES!” It all comes down to a healthy diet and exercise. But, let’s explore two super fruits which can drastically help to get the diet healthy and keep it that way.

The African Mango

The African mango is a beautiful peachy orange colored fruit. It’s delicious to eat but what’s in the seeds of the fruit is what will keep you on track for weight loss without feeling like you’re hungry all the time. Read more about mango africano here:

What’s extracted from the seeds helps to burn fat and it suppresses the appetite. By lessening the appetite, you consume less calories and lose weight. It also helps to regulate the metabolism and blood sugar. When the metabolism is functioning properly your body will be keeping the good, healthy nutrients from the food you eat and getting rid of the bad in a timely manner. It also inhibits the growth of fat cells and reduces total cholesterol. All of these are key components in weight loss. The African mango seed extract is available in pill form and powders. Contact Ana Figaro today!

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