3 easy ways to find the best toner for face and skin


The use of skin toning has become a mainstream beautification activity in recent years due to the rapid flow of information across cultures and the ever increasing need to look beautiful. Historically, skin toners have been used as far back as 3000 years ago, going by various mentions of rosewater usage for softening the skin. The popularity of toning has attracted many commercial manufacturers of products that are supposed to help people who are unable to get natural remedies for one reason or another. This development is good, but unfortunately, some products available in the market do more harm than good. Here is a simple guide on how to get the best toner.

Most commercial toners use alcohol because of its astringent properties. The aim of toning is always to tighten pores on the skin and prevent premature sagging. Alcohol tends to do this very well. The problem arises when the after-effects of alcohol start to manifest. Unlike natural options, alcohol has a high affinity for moisture and it drys out the skin. Continual usage will eventually cause chronic skin dryness.

When picking the skin toner, you should always look at its ingredients. A pure concentration of rose water should always be the preferred choice when selecting the best toner. In ancient times, members of the royal families from various kingdoms used to soak their skins in bath water full of fresh roses. The water would then make their skin tight and keep them looking young.

Nowadays, soaking yourself in rose water may not be economically possible, but you can still get the same effects with smaller amounts of a good brand of pure rose water toner. This is the only way to keep your face looking bright and soft at the same time. Regular usage of the toner will also make you look like you have been exercising a lot, because the skin on your face appears more lively. Those who succumb to the fake promise of alcohol based toners get a young face but to most people it also looks dead.

Other than watching out for excessive alcohol reliance, you should also examine the toner to see whether its based on rose water. Sometimes manufacturers may just put it as part of the ingredients but it will not be the core property, and this makes the given toner unsuitable. The best toner is always the one that is able to attract moisture from the atmosphere and keep your skin hydrated throughout the day and rose water toner is the perfect choice.

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